How it works

Three simple steps to become a client and to plan for your future


Provide us with a basic overview of your financial situation and investment needs


We offer you up to 2 types of advice services. Choose what is best for you now.

The offered services will be dependent on your situation. Each service has different fees and terms, which are described in theFAQ.

Face-to-face advice
Minimum investment size:
- initial investment or - monthly investment
One of our Advisers will meet you in person to discuss your financial planning and investment needs. After carrying out research and analysis on your behalf, your Adviser will make a series of personal recommendations based on your needs and objectives. Typically multiple meetings with your Adviser are required.
Online advice
Minimum investment size:
- initial investment or - monthly investment

Firstly, you complete an online 'Advice Case' that contains further details on your situation and objectives. Then, one of our Advisers will review your case.

If your case is straightforward, your Adviser may respond with a personal recommendation within 2 working day(s).

However, if your case is more complicated, your Adviser may require you to provide extra information, and may carry out extra research and analysis on your behalf. In this case, it will take longer than 2 working day(s) to provide you with a personal recommendation.


Plan for your future.

Follow our instructions to complete your case and to implement our planning recommendations.
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